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Why I created the empower ME Movement Network...

With over two decades of experience as a dance educator and studio owner, it brings me immense joy to support my dancers through their dance journey from childhood, through high school, and into college and beyond. 

However, in my years of mentoring students, I've consistently faced the challenge of easily being able to find all of the options available for them that align with their strengths, desires and needs. I am also a parent myself who understands the challenges of the college search process.

Once your dancer reaches high school, time seems to accelerate, and the looming decision about what comes next becomes overwhelming. The preparation for this transition demands considerable time and effort, involving the extensive exploration and understanding of various options. 

Sifting through websites, staying updated on the latest news through social media, managing information across sticky notes, calendars, to do lists and spreadsheets is what feels like, an impossible task. However, it is very much the reality. I have found this to be immensly challenging while balancing my busy life as a mom and a business owner. 


The empower ME Movement Platform will take the mystique out of this process and offer dancers and their families clarity to feel empowered to follow a path to obtaining the results desired with the right information at the right time.

Now here’s the good news!

With empower ME Movement you can experience these benefits:

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